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Naming Your Blog –aka- Hassle City

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

So you may wonder why the header has the original name of this blog ‘Virally Yours’ crossed out and the new name ‘Virtually Yours’ written in.  It’s kind of a funny story with a lesson embed in there somewhere.

Who knew naming a blog would be such a hassle?  Honestly it took about 10 minutes to come up with the original name of this blog.   I figured I was in the clear until the web team sent me a friendly email that went something like this,

“So we’re setting up your blog and the domain was blocked by our company internally.  That’s not a huge issue, but if our software blocks the name, it’s likely others may as well…”

So basically my ploy to be fun had been shot down by our company’s web protection plan.  You know the stuff that blocks all those naughty bits from popping up, the porn, the foul language, the sleaze and the web junk that your company has determined is best left at home.  Unfortunately my clever name was also blocked.  So with some quick goat thinking I decided on the less clever ‘virtually yours’ and decided that I’d leave the original name on the header as an homage to the whole ordeal. 

Why is it that Google can determine what my misspellings mean and send me to the correct end result, but a company like websence can’t determine that an online marketing blog with a name that has Viral in its title does in fact have content safe for the office?

The interweb is a wild, unruly world that is yours to manipulate as you see fit.  However if you want your content to be seen by the “business world” make sure your clever titles and content aren’t going to be blocked by the filters and online guards set-up in companies all over the world.

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